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Sonic Moto 1.0

Sonic Moto will teach you the real complications of riding a motorcycle
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Sonic moto by NowStat is a nice game, and just like the original Sonic which will always have one key feature: i's amazing speed. The difference is that our friend now is a bit more tired than before and has acquired a motorcycle to spare the hassle of running at hyper speed.

The graphics are colorful, the music is repetitive but quite good (you'll notice this only if you play it several times), unfortunately the game screen is a bit small and the full screen mode is not available.

Regardless of being a quality game, very entertaining, fun and super active, it has one huge downside, it has only four levels, which surely you'll complete very quickly leaving you with a feeling of incompleteness.

At first you'll think it's about running fast and getting the rings, but in fact it's more complicated than that, you'll have to equilibrate the motorcycle in the air after doing a jump or you'll end upside down and your motorcycle will explode. You will be able to perform back flips, front flips and even riding on one tire, this is what makes this game unique and a bit more fun.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Good graphics
  • Entertaining


  • Has only four levels
  • Full screen mode not available
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